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05 Jan 2015


It is often exactly annually since I last joined YMCA Outdoors and Adventures for an event. Gunung Lambak was my induction climb. Not i are already checking dates, nevertheless it was the admin from the YMCA who jogged my memory once i was becoming a member of this event that my membership had expired in July and I were required to pay a full fees easily were to carry on this trip using them. - adventures in asia

So with a renewed alliance using them as well as the promise of a spectacular sunrise at among the finest peaks in Malaysia, I joined 24 other fellow adventurers by using an overnight coach to get a road trip north to Negeri Sembilan.

There is another group going to a bold climb to Batu Caves. Here are all 55 people posing in the YMCA�s signature pose before we trigger inside our different coaches.

Being a Friday evening, there were to endure the usual traffic jam at Woodlands prior to customs and it took eternity to obtain us to the other side from the Causeway. We had a simple stopover at Yong Peng for any break before moving out traveling again. We reached the town of Rembau and took a hot up hike about the tarmac road before reaching the starting point at 0345hrs.

Selamat Datang means �come peacefully, perform you no harm� in Malay. At 0345hrs and in total pitch black darkness, it does little to reassure the nerves!

The mountains usually have played a main a part of my entire life. I am aware this now, although I have not always seen this. Oahu is the same for everyone, I think. We hear the mountains calling, but we don't always listen. We presume the pull, but feel a greater pull to life�s responsibilities. When examining Gunung Datuk, the first is considering a mountain that won't allow anyone to say �No� for a long period of energy.

There are some popular tales about Datuk. Some involve bigger than life warriors leaving giant footsteps to follow. Others states that the footprint nearby the summit of Datuk is really the remnants of Hanuman�s steps, wholed an excellent monkey army in search of a magic herb. Datuk even has a place in history using a government plaque supplying a historical footnote about how the Chiefs of Traditional Customs gathered on the summit of the mountain to announce the name and title of the future clan chief inside the 14th century.

What's the truth? That's likely a matter that must definitely be answered over a personal level. Things i do know for sure is that when I answered the decision from Gunung Datuk, I had been set for an event which was unlike some other trek That i've ever completed during the early hours of the day! In the mountains of Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung, the terrain was surprisingly bright from your reflected lights with the stars, that is not in Gunung Datuk.

It had been total pitch black! The tall trees inside the rainforest tower over you prefer ancient guardians, examining you to definitely determine your worthiness. Despite my 900 lumens powered Nitecore flashlight, I couldn�t see beyond 10 metres!

Gracie, our ever affable host from Y-treks, advised everyone at the beginning of the trek that for that first third from the climb, we would all be challenged as a result of steep inclination with the mountain. I just read that it will take a fit hiker under an hour to achieve the summit. I was curious to determine what challenges Datuk been on store personally.

Because of the conditions there were - total pitch black, unfamiliar terrain, maneuvering between fallen trees, and a slippery surface due to a young rain at night - I knew i wasn't gonna be disappointed with this experience.

I'm not really always confident with the dark. There will be something enchanting regarding it, something mysterious, but also something that seems forbidding. Sometimes I'm disappointed through the dark because I cannot fully begin to see the beautiful surroundings.

Sometimes, however, I am encouraged by the dark since there is something surprising and beautiful which can be discovered which would normally be overlooked. It�s feeling of nervous anticipation that is hard to duplicate elsewhere!

Members taking a well-deserved break at among the check point.

The darkness stayed around for almost the complete hike toward the summit. The thing that may be heard were the footsteps of fellow trekkers, a gentle crunch around the forest floor. Y treks did a fantastic job with 3 leaders - one heading the gang, one inch the middle, as well as the last man - to make certain all climbers with different competencies could fully enjoy their experiences.

�Walking with a friend in the dark is preferable to walking alone in the light.� - Helen Keller

It took us approximately Couple of hours to achieve the very best flat area. That�s the location where the final obstacle stood! It consist of climbing up some 4 shaky and rusty ladders to the gigantic boulders for your final summit assault. The formations with the boulders were quite neatly stacked by time (think Stonehenge), without making use of any dangerous moves or maneuvers. All of us got up towards the flat bed of granite surface on the summit very little difficulty.

The bright round moon watched over the adventurous souls from Singapore. It�s gentle rays were reassuring after emerging from your guardians of the forest below. It beckoned us on toward the summit.

Once we were finally in the summit, congratulating one another, i was rewarded with a clear view of the bright moon and stars.

The panoramic lights from nearby towns as well as the Capital of scotland- Malacca also shown brightly, developing a festive display in anticipation of the morning�s main event.

There was a steep drop in the temperature once we reached the summit because the strong cold winds came blowing from all directions without the cover. Maybe it was just me, however i could sense a faint laugh inside the wind, a final challenge from Gunung Datuk. Would we be located worthy enough for that sights there were all arrive at see?

The very first light started in at 0630 hours and after soaking in the magnificent sunrise and achieving a clear look at the vast plains and criss-crossing river bends, the time had come for many serious photography. This group took at least 1 hour at the very top to chronicle their moment of glory.


The actual with all the hosts from Y-trek, Gracie and Larissa. Another host Seng Teong (or ST) was waiting and preparing hot milo for all of us at the campsite.

The intense skies provide illumination on the journey that Gunung Datuk called us to take. In several ways, it is not for that inexperienced! That's the hidden blessing from the darkness. You can't be afraid from the heights that you can't see!

Sitting near the boulder overlooking the forestry beneath my trusty Salomon shoes, the good thing about creation is one thing which will never cease to amaze me. These are the moments that are the perfect moments of life!

Looking westwards, a vast selection of rich forestry along with a display of billowing clouds. One cannot help but smile at this kind of beautiful display!

The challenge of answering the phone call of Gunung Datuk in the early morning hours is two-fold: the darkness approaching the way as well as the light that is available decreasing the way. The actual height of those boulders seem much taller when darkness fades!

A period for refreshment and hot milo prior to making our way down.

I didn�t stop much to adopt photos walking on down as I always love the challenge of jogging with the downwards terrain. It involved 35 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain where a small stream of fresh mountain water awaits.

Our youtube video about the sunrise, summit views and aerial photography from the foot of the mountain. You will find beauty and wonders to be found within this relatively small yet tough mountain, not surprising that Gunung Datuk remained a timeless popular hiking location among locals and Singaporean weekend hikers.

Here�s the entire itinerary of the trip with Y-Treks in infographics

Gunung Datuk - 23 August 2014 (SUNRISE EDITION) Copy (4)

Do you want To reply to the decision of Gunung Datuk?


Gunung Datuk is 885 metres tall. The particular elevation height that must be climbed is all about 800 metres as a whole as well as the total distance covered is 4.6 kilometres one of the ways. That if you took your way in the straight line, so the actual round trip is better 12 kilometres for your average journey.

Invest the the journey up to the summit inside the hours of sunlight, the average trekker can get to the top within 2 hours. To do this in less than An hour would simply be if you are in excellent shape. It could be challenging to eat the great thing about Gunung Datuk at this kind of rapid speed, especially since the first 300 metres can have up to a 50 degree incline!

The trail to try to the summit is well defined, but it can often be difficult to find the start line. You�ll want to consider the path that descends to a stream and cross the bridge to obtain the correct trail. Look for plastic tape in yellow, red, or white to make sure you�re staying on the right track.

It is uphill almost the complete way to the summit. Additionally, you will need to climb steel ladders to be able to reach the summit.

Recommended Packing list:

 Make sure you have no less than 2 litres water per person.
 Pack sturdy, but comfortable shoes as you will be hiking over tree roots, climbing ladders, and face numerous terrain.
 Have a top quality pack to your supplies. Although there is definitely not any wildlife encounters to expect, you can find monkey calls which can be heard outside in the forest.
 You may wish to bring a snack if you plan to consider your time and energy using this trek.
 You will need spare cash for that administrative fees, but parking is free. Camping is also possible for one more fee per tent.
 Sunblock is another necessity should you go during the hours of sunlight, especially around the weekend. It requires some time for other adventurers to descend the ladders and you might be awaiting some time.
 Optional items include rain gear, insect repellent, warm jackets, and walking assitance items, including sticks or poles.

Getting there:

You�ll want to take the North South Expressway to Exit 223. Make your way for the T junction following your toll after which turn left. Following that, you will reach a roundabout where you�ll need to take the exit toward Rembau.

As soon as you reach Rembau, you will notice signs for Gunung Datuk. You will need to turn onto Route N111, following a signs. Go about 15 kilometres and you will then see another sign along the road for Datuk directing you to definitely the left.

You will end up driving through a rubber estate. This may take you towards the base camp where there can be a place to park. Register at the office for your hike and stay prepared for fees.

Recommended Preparation:

Hiking this trail will continue to work your heart along the way up and your knees along the way down. It is not a trip to consider you will find been out trekking for some time if you aren't willing to take additional time to acquire up the mountain. Require a few weeks to organize your system for that exercise that Gunung Datuk will require of you if you decide to heed its call by permitting out and hiking locally. A brisk jog in some places may also help.

The metal ladders look a whole lot scarier within the light than they do at night! They're secured well towards the boulders, however, and can help get you to the summit safely. - adventures in asia

Gunung Datuk is an amazing climb, regardless of whether you wish to see a sunrise or you just want an unbelievable view. It may be carried out one day, including travel, as well as the challenges this journey makes you face is only going to inspire you to adhere to a lot more travelled paths.


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